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Seung-heon went on vacation with Crystal and her mother last year, and has even proposed to Crystal in a private setting.The source said rumors of Crystal’s pregnancy first circulated in Hong Kong.

[ 10, -5] It's none of my business but I think she could do better... [ 9, -0] He has his life on the line for her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ - Source: Daum 1. [ 86, -22] I mean her family is worth 10 trillion but if you really look into it, that money belongs to her father's friend whom she doesn't share an ounce of blood with. [ 65, -11] I wonder if they can even communicate with each other? she's honestly got everything from looks to stats to money. [ 2,499, -45] Journalists want him to get married to her so badly 3. [ 119, -14] Liu Yifei may not be that well known in Korea but she's Asia's superstar. Her father was a diplomat and is a famous lawyer now while her godfather is one of the richest in China. As reported on Sina, the news was first broke by a source close to the actress, saying that the couple had been very busy with their work that they gradually drifted apart from each other.However, it took them quite a while before the lovebirds finally decided to break up. I'm also glad he didn't allow the media to pry anymore than was necessary into their relationship or about her. My uncle married a Canadian woman about 10 years ago now? I like when he throws out random German phrases on instagram. I have friends who speak different languages and even though my English is pretty good, I still get frustrated sometimes when the language barrier makes it hard to say thinks exactly as I mean them, lol.

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