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If court records are available Family Search films may be available at a local Family History Center. The Courts of Common Pleas are the trial courts of Pennsylvania.Major civil and criminal cases are heard in these courts.The Clerk signs and affixes the Seal of the Courts to all writs and processes, administers oaths and affirmations, and assumes custody of the seal and records of the Courts.

For many counties copies of court records may be found at the Pennsylvania State Archives and in the Family Search collection.For animated maps illustrating Pennsylvania county boundary changes, "Rotating Formation Pennsylvania County Boundary Maps" (1673-1878) may be viewed for free at the Mapof website. The building and all books, papers, and records were destroyed.For tips on accessing Erie County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Federal (or United States) census records online, see: Pennsylvania Census.In Pennsylvania, church records are often used as a substitute for birth, marriage, and death information.For general information about Pennsylvania denominations, view the Pennsylvania Church Records wiki page.

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