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Without effective and timely up-regulation and down-regulation through a balance between o-6s and o-3s, inflammation can become chronic and problematic, leading to heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s — to name a few. considered essential because our bodies can make omega-9s from unsaturated fat in our bodies. What’s different about LA is that it is not as difficult to find in our typical American diet as ALA.In reality, most of us get too much omega-6s in our popular foods.It would be difficult to oversing the praises of EPA and DHA, which have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, along with playing a range of other crucial roles in the body.Because the parent ALA is not manufactured by our bodies, and because it isn’t all that readily converted to its “offspring” EPA and DHA either, it’s critical that we get these fatty acids through our diets.A closer look at the three big omegas should help clarify some of these implications. One major reason for this is because they tend to suppress inflammation, which is the cause of so many of the degenerative diseases that plague us.They do this by countering the Our bodies cannot make the “parent” molecule for omega-3 fatty acids, alpha linoleic acid (ALA – in blue in table to right), on its own.

And, while ALA has good anti-inflammatory effects, it simply does not work the same way in the body as EPA and DHA. Omega-3, 6 and 9, for example, are all unsaturated fatty acids with double bonds in the 3, 6, or 9 positions, respectively.This matters because the configuration of a fat molecule’s single and double bonds has major implications for its properties and effects in our bodies — for better or worse!Therefore, this omega-3 — ALA — is considered an “essential” fatty acid.Downstream, the parent ALA gets metabolized into the two most beneficial fatty acids: (DHA).

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