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Because that's technically not him getting her anything, right? Bobby relaxes in for the night, but is interrupted by a visitor.

It's Jody Mills, which may not be the worst person to show up. Slightly AU/OCC)Booth & Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are busy on a case leaving Sweets to investigate an "open and shut" case on his own. His stories have always given her a means of escape, his voice gives her comfort.

My OTP: Mondler, because they're perfect for each other. AU: One man and one woman, both experienced survivalists are taking on the most punishing adventure of their lives. Their task is to survive on the barren island of Andros in the West Indies for twenty-one days, Naked and Afraid. When a case comes up that brings Sweets' past to the team they are about to find out that their Psychologist is much more than they ever expected him to be.

I'm in love with Chandler Bing and proud to admit it! Mulder, because I can't choose they're both first2. The first person to guess it right, will get a PM from me and will get to choose the next character I will do.

Set at the beginning of season 5 Brennan is kidnapped and Booth will stop at nothing to find her. Will she let Castle help or will she push him away? The story will describe their life and how he goes about raising her and such, the story's better than the summary, please read and review and please Read the A/N in bold at the bottom of chapter 3OMG, I'm alive!

But he knows enough about dreams to know what is real." Or: He might not make it to thirty, but he's trying. Maybe she would be happy."Someone leaves Sam a present on the doorstep of the bunker, a little girl, who Sam later finds out is his daughter.

I love cop shows like Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Rizzoli and Isles, The Mentalist as well as other shows such as FRIENDS (personal favourite), Modern Family, i Zombie, Fresh off the Boat, Sherlock, Doctor Who, the Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, X-Files, Supernatural and a couple of others. You will guess through reviews, the people who guess correctly will be mentioned in the next poem/riddle.

X-X-X-XMy name's Amy and I'm absolutely TV obsessed. I won't mention the name of the person the poem/riddle is written about.

Can their relationship be saved, or will Castle succumb to thoughts he'd never dreamt of having? Humorous possibilities lay ahead as he struggles to understand the care of a baby but finds help thru friends, grief thru the passage of time and escape in the abundance of cases ahead. Based off the Season 10 Premiere that broke everyone's heart."His office needed to be cleared of personal effects. As Daisy gazes at her Lancelot lying on the morgue table, she doesn't know if she can do this, she doesn't know how to cope.

The rating is subject to change depending on where the story goes. Kevin was on the track to college and his dream of becoming a cop, while Javier was on the road to a life of crime, until something happens one night that changes their lives forever. Loosely based on "You've Got Mail." My entry for the Rom Com Fic Challenge."Sweets is gone. It continues with Chandler and Monica on the balcony, and a husband, making everything better for his wife. Kate and Rick are best friends on a popular chat site, only neither of them have any idea that it's their partner they are talking to.

What will happen when Bones finds out that Booth loves her, and what will happen if her capture knows that too? An AU, in which Ryan and Esposito were once friends as teenagers. After the sniper case, Beckett is struggling to deal with everything; her mom's death, her mom's case, her shooting, Castle...everything. This is just a new drabble short fic thingy I decided to whip up, Sam and his little girl decorate the Christmas tree and just fluff, any way Please READ the A/N in bold at the top thanks The team plays a series of pranks on Rossi for all his meddling. Or will the team finally put an end to his meddling? * I don't own Criminal Minds nor the characters*Castle and Beckett both join the same dating website after incessant encouragement from their family and friends and start talking to each other without knowing it due to the anonymity of their profiles.

Their latest victim hits too close to home for Castle and he just can't let it go. They're miles apart, even when they're in the same room, and neither of them knows how it came to this - or how to come back together and heal.

(Ignoring the story arc from the end of season 6 - season 7, although Castle and Beckett are married.)"She's wheeled into his room the day after Mr. The only thing he knows about her by the end of the day is that her condition isn't good." Sharing a room, waiting for a heart transplant, Richard Castle gets to know the quiet, dying Kate Beckett. Only in sleep does Kate find the happiness she once knew with Rick - so deep in sleep she wants to stay.'Now, as he stands on the edge of the rink, his skates done up tight, he could not be happier as he watches a bundled up Kate Beckett glide around the rink.' A Season 2 fic, set not long after Boom. A few bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances leave Kate Beckett, age 19, homeless just a few months after her mother's death.

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Richard Castle happens upon her in the park one day, not knowing he's just met his biggest fan.

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