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The large number of burials made in this time showed that the cemetery was a collective one, probably used by the inhabitats of the numerous farms that were dotted around the surrounding landscape.

Since the excavation was published, the site has also become an important reference point for archaeologists dating other sites.

Now go grab your aprons and get ready for a good time!! The chefs have to use their creativity to come up with a delicious recipe pretty much on the spot!

It’s pretty amazing to see what the chef’s come up with!

The Novium Museum's collections are frequently used by researchers and academics behind the scenes.

At the moment one of our collections is being looked at in a new and exciting way, and the leading experts have told us about it below.

We decided to take this idea and turn it into a fun date night.

Messes to Memories helped us create some adorable Iron Chef printables to make your date a smashing success.

Then you can slip your secret ingredient right into the invite!

Invite your spouse and one of your favorite couple friends to join you on this date to make it a fun double date where you can create a delicious meal and then judge each other to determine the Iron Chef champion! Choose a theme for your date night like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Island, or All-American.

Once you choose a theme for your date night, you can come up with your secret ingredients.

It is a favorite of mine because it is a number 9 and I'm a big fan of that size plus it is very smooth and slick.

According to "The Book of Wagner & Griswold" (aka the "Red" book), this skillet has characteristics of those made between 19, as well as those circa 1925 - 1930s. One easy way to identify unmarked or private label Lodge iron is from the break in the heat ring found at the 12 o'clock position.

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Because the Westhampnett graves contained pots and brooches that were buried together on the same day, the burials have the potential to assess this discrepancy and provide indepedent dating for the finds.

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