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The company is debt-free - at the year-end, anyhow.Having said that, personally I might sell some because I want to buy some LLOY where the divi should be better next year. The Company states 'Cash Balances peaked at £229m' which at first glance looks very good indeed.If you bought something that cost more than £100 on your creditcard for purchases under £100).However, this isn’t always successful since it’s dependent on your bank being able to grab back payment from the seller’s bank.What seems especially grating is that even if a retailer is still trading, you often can’t use your vouchers once the administrators are in place. If you have Comet vouchers, keep hold of them for now just in case the administrators decide to start accepting them again or any new owner decides to honour them as a gesture of good will.According to its website, Comet is planning a closing down sale.Such is the case with Comet, which is no longer accepting gift vouchers as a form of payment, though its administrators are ‘reviewing this position urgently’. Not much it seems, which is why it’s best to spend vouchers as quickly as possible when a store is rumoured to be going bust.

“ We’ve always been pretty recession resilient,” he said; “ Our average orders have grown more than inflation and we always tend to do reasonably well through tight periods.” He said the half-year figures had been affected by customer requests for early dispatches of goods, which means Park has to buy them earlier.However, the Sale of Goods Act has the potential to offer protection beyond that.One silver lining with Comet is that if you bought an extended warranty (which is not something we’d usually advise) it is provided by a separate company.However, even if you were allowed to use your gift vouchers in the sale, there’s another problem waiting around the corner.You’ll effectively lose your usual rights under the Sale of Goods Act.

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